Turmoil continues in Colombia due to the femicide of Michel Dayana González. A 15-year-old girl who disappeared in the candlelit night and was found dead a day later, on December 8, in a workshop in the San Judas Tadeo I neighborhood of Cali.


On your social media profile, Harol Andrés Echeverry reveals his taste for cars by posing next to the vehicles or posting photos and videos of the cars’ exterior.

The alleged perpetrator of the femicide is also a motorcycle enthusiast. This is shown in several published videos where he drives two-wheelers and boasts about his repairs.

Another noteworthy detail was that Echeverry shared clips on his profile that were apparently recorded in the workshop where Michel Dayana González’s body was found.

(Continue reading: ‘We are examining possible accomplices’: Security Minister Michel on femicide).

In the photos, it can be seen that he enjoys showing off the high-end cars he often encounters on the streets or comes into contact with through his work.

In addition to the above, Harol Andrés Echeverry claimed to be a man who believed in God and mentioned him in some of his greetings to his followers. In the image where he appears topless and smiling in front of the camera, he says, “Yes, greetings, greetings to everyone. Smile, life is beautiful, one gets tired of nonsense. Greetings.”

Although Harol Andrés Echeverry does not follow many people on his personal accounts, His ‘followers’ were mostly girls from Colombia and other countries around the world.

While the authorities are tracking the alleged perpetrator of the murder of Michel Dayana, the authorities are continuing their investigation after a former soldier, who was tried for violent sexual assault on a child under the age of 14, escaped on a motorcycle that was the property of the workshop where the dead bodies were found. The body of a 15-year-old girl.

(Of interest: Witnesses claim that Michel González’s femicide included blows to his face and neck).

According to Cali Security Minister Jimmy Dranguet, the search for Echeverry has expanded to neighboring terminals, airports, municipalities, departments and police units. Many organizations were also involved, including Gaula, Sijin and the Prosecutor’s Office.

If you have information about Harol Andrés Echeverry, you can contact the National Police hotline. 314 360 6293 or 321 394 5156 [email protected] [email protected].


Source: Exame

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