There were quite a few doubts about the arrival of the new headphones. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro At the Korean company’s Unpacked event scheduled for August 10. But finally, everything shows that this accessory will be a part of the game, along with the company’s new fold and a smartwatch. Well, some details are known and there is good news and bad news.

Since it’s pretty obvious, design helmet will suffice continuityist and a very refined ergonomic design where there is no shortage of space for the inclusion of different microphones (where the sensors do not bother anything). The truth is, progress is expected on what it has to do with water resistance. IP57and also an increase in the amperage of the battery of each headset to increase autonomy – the carrying case is expected to be 500 mAh.

Big improvement on these Samsung earphones

This will be in the sound quality they will allow, which allows them to compete head-to-head with the Apple AirPods and even surpass them. Some of the known reasons to say this would be their compatibility. 24-bit audio (High-Resolution Audio), so the definition will be perfect. In addition, the frequency ranges will be larger, providing an enhanced reproduction spectrum so that everything is much more precise.

Colors Samsung Galaxy earphones


On the other hand, expected To go forward in the section Noise Canceling, as the supported pressure will be much higher (always configurable). In addition, higher quality microphones will be added to detect the environment much more sensitively. If added to this, Location The 360-degree field aims to excel, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro would undoubtedly position itself as one of the best accessories on the market.

It will have a cost and it will be economical

As noted in the information source, the improvements mentioned above (and advanced technology such as Bluetooth 5.2 or support of AAC and SSC audio codecs), all of the above these helmets are more expensive than the previous generation. That makes sense, but one of the most compelling features of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is how cheap it is… considering everything it has to offer.

And how much do you think this new product will cost? Well, the information we have makes us think: they will cost about 230 euros. It’s a substantial number, but it falls within an affordable range (they’re even cheaper than Apple’s AirPods). In any case, these helmets are only a few days away from becoming official and of course a little surprise like different and striking colors.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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