Facades is the app that every Apple lover should install on their iPhone and iPad.

The ideal app to discover everything you need to know about every Apple Store.

Apple is one of the most valued companies by consumers

There are Apple products that magic, that iconic minimalist design, that special touch This causes a large number of people to consider themselves loyal fans of the company. The Cupertino company has managed to establish a very close bond with its customers, and for many, the fascination with apples has become a way of life.

If you consider yourself a big fan of Apple products or just enjoy discovering curiosities about the three trillion dollar company, you should download this app we recommend today.

We are talking about application facadesAn application that provides a complete guide to Apple Stores and is available completely free of charge.

Facades: Meeting point for Apple fans

Facades app was developed by Michael Steeber. and contains a comprehensive catalog of all Apple Stores worldwide, with details of great interest such as photos, addresses, specifications, design and other interesting things. Additionally, the Facades app was recently updated to add opening hours and visits.

The user interface design of the application is very well structured. Especially on the iPad version, which has a side menu with all the categories.


The app has a catalog of 500 Apple Stores

Facades for iPhone and iPad has sections divided by region, opening years, architectural styles, personalized lists, favorites, and stores visited by each user. There’s even a global map with all Apple stores. A catalog of over 500 Apple Stores!


iPhone version of Facades

A complete guide to let you know every little detail about every Apple Store It’s a very useful tool when it comes to finding out a store’s opening hours before you go shopping, discovering the best Apple Stores in the world, or learning about an Apple Store you want to visit on a holiday trip from the comfort of the office. Your iPhone or iPad.

No doubt the Facades app for iPhone and iPad One of the favorite applications of many people who love Apple and its products. The design of the user interface is very well developed, making it a very intuitive and easy-to-use application. It also has its own version for Mac, in case you want detailed information about an Apple Store on your computer.

Source: i Padizate

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