Do you want to replace your TV with a bigger or better quality one? Friday, June 17, is the second VAT-free day of the year, and you can shop using this opportunity. Even the date coincides perfectly with the premium in case you want to use it.

Three such dates are scheduled per year; some selected products can be purchased without value added tax, currently 19 percent off the actual price of the item in question.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, discounted items are divided into several categories: clothing and accessories, household appliances, sports equipment, games, school supplies and agricultural supplies.

Therefore, this date is ideal for replacing the old television without internet connection with new equipment of higher quality at the lowest possible price.

It is important to clarify the exemption from payment for household appliances. Applies only to products costing 3 million 40 thousand pesos or less.

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Here are some points for choosing the screen of your dreams.

Only quality and avant-garde are expected from the South Korean tech giant, so you can find the perfect equipment among the wide range of options it offers.

The price range ranges from one million pesos to 20 million televisions with the latest advancements in QLED technology and more vibrant colors than ever before.

Also, the sizes are varied, they range from 43 inches to over 70 inches. And it delivers sharp images.

Equipment such as a 65 inch Samsung 4K-UHD LED Flat Smart TV priced at 2,800,000 pesos or a 50 inch Samsung 50Q65BA 4K-UHD QLED Flat Smart TV priced at 2,600,000 pesos, may be the most convenient options to buy. Also, some stores include packages with subscriptions or other devices.

Another of the brands that offers the most options to buy a television that fits what you want is LG.

Also, its innovative models with South Korean design and technology can add a touch of touch to the room, room or any space you want to enjoy a good movie or series.

Prices vary, but you can find models ranging from one million pesos for the smallest equipment, ie 40-inch to 17 million pesos for 70-inch and larger televisions.

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Some options on TVs from this brand are: 65 inch LG TV 65UP7750 4K-UHD LED Flat Smart TV for 2,799,900 pesos or 60 inch LG TV 60UP7750 4K-UHD LED Flat Smart TV for 2,699,900 pesos.

Sony is a trusted Japanese brand due to its excellent quality and durability. You can find some of the televisions produced by this brand in any of your preferred stores.

They tend to be larger in size. The smallest piece of equipment at 55 inches is almost three million pesos, and the largest at over 80 inches can be worth close to 11 million pesos.

If you are looking for a good size at a competitive price with other brands, this might be the ideal choice.

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The option that will allow you to benefit from the VAT exemption of this brand is SONY 55 inch KD-55X80J 4K-UHD LED TV for a price of 2,973,900.

If you want small equipment, such as installing in rooms, at low prices, Kalley can offer you a great option, as its dimensions are up to 60 inches.

This national home appliance brand offers products from 800 thousand pesos to three million pesos, so you can premiere and watch your favorite series from this weekend, no matter what.

Any product of this Colombian brand will be exempt from VAT payment.but you can get the biggest option KALLEY 65 inch TV ATV65UHDS SPK 4K-UHD LED at 2,677.381 Colombian pesos.

To find out how much each item will cost on June 17, Normally you should take the final price including VAT and subtract that value. It can be calculated as follows:

Assuming an item costs 175,900 pesos, this is divided by 1.19. That would give us the value without VAT.

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In this case, 175.900/1.19 = 147.800. Then, these two values ​​are subtracted and the final VAT value is obtained.

175,900 – 147,800 = 28,100. Finally, the final price of the product extracts tax data. According to the example used, the final price would be 175,900 – 28,100 = 147,800 Colombian Pesos.

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