Mobile phones have become a part of the lives of millions of people They are around the world because they are objects that help with instant communication through calls or text messages, capturing special moments with photos, paying and receiving money, tracking your health, playing video games, watching movies or TV series, and other functions.

Almost everyone you encounter on the street, in the supermarket, and even your family members, they have a smartphone They interact with it at different times of the day.

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Not only adults use this technology, children and adolescents also use this technology. Dealing with cell phones is something that makes many parents wonder whether it is right to give them a cell phone and how protected they can be with these items in their possession.

In the book ‘Digital natives do not exist‘, Rebeca DiezDoctor of Communication and Marga CabreraThe founder of the New Media Observatory in Spain talked about the importance of using the mobile phone as a tool, saying that the age at which the child uses the phone will depend on the decision of the parents or family. They think ages 11-13 is a good timeThis way, little ones can communicate with their friends.

Gabriela Paoli, a psychologist who specializes in technological addictions, states the following: “Experts generally recommend giving mobile phones to people aged 16 and over.”.


Carmen Osoriocreator of the platform Technology AddictsIn an interview with El País media, he made it clear that he belongs to the group of parents who agree on this issue. Banning children under 16 from owning smartphones.

The smartphone is a very powerful object with millions of possibilities and risks, and we already know that 80% of minors do not use it in a healthy way because it traps them. So no, I wouldn’t give this to my son” said Osorio.

He later added: “Platforms make money based on our time and they don’t hesitate to use unethical resources that create addiction, so how do you ask a 10-year-old child or a 13-year-old child to stop? What if it’s hard for us adults? And then there is the inappropriate content; Everyone can see it without any problems, and it is quite harmful at certain ages. That’s why I think the sooner they get a smartphone, the better.”.

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