WhatsApp messaging platform is a vital tool for people of all ages and professions today. In this way, in addition to communicating with known contacts, customer service procedures are carried out, products are purchased, contracts for services are concluded, business and student elements are disseminated, among other functions.


One of these is the function of knowing. How many messages were received or sent in a day or time periodThis can be useful for people who want to control their activities on social networks.

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This feature is available on both Android and iOS and no need to download any external programs or anything Addition to reach it. Just make sure you have the latest app update installed. To use it, follow the steps below step by step.

As soon as you press the option, the app will automatically start collecting new data.so you can track the number of messages you send and receive on your mobile device daily, weekly, monthly, etc. You can check it periodically.

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It should be made clear that It is not possible to make this calculation with a past day., as the data will be messed up since your last reset. This is merely a tool for future investigations.


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