WhatsApp constantly improves messaging app security and fixes bugsIn order to adapt to technological changes and comply with legislation. Updates also introduce new features and optimize performance. These efforts ensure that the application remains secure, runs smoothly on existing devices, and provides a rich and up-to-date experience to its users.

However, with updates, the application may not work on some devices. This may be due to changes in system requirements. Updates require newer versions of operating systems and older mobile phones may become incompatible.

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WhatsApp will release a new update in the coming days; This means that the app will stop working on mobile phones with Android 4.1 or lower, and in the case of the iPhone, on mobile phones that are not compatible with iOS 11.

This change will happen starting February 1, the day the app will stop working on a few mobile phones. Below we will show you a list of devices.



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Source: Exame

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