During the broadcast of the RCN News Program at noon on Saturday, January 27, One of the journalists and presenters received a heavy blow to the head while preparing to deliver a report From the municipality of Tenza, in the province of Boyacá.

This is journalist Paola Toro, who is also the international editor of the channel’s weekends. He appeared in front of the camera in the white tent that the news crew used to protect themselves from the sun.

“You cannot imagine how impressive the sun is in this beautiful municipality of Boyacá, where we went with Noticias RCN to broadcast the noon news from Tenza, a cradle where they make miniatures for baskets, earrings… it is famous for its craft; according to the information collected by the ‘Pulzo’ media, the presenter died of the accident He made this comment before.


Toro gave an update on his health over the past few hours and thanked all his followers for looking out for him.

“I would like to thank you with all my heart for taking care of my health after the incident in the news. Your words of encouragement and solidarity are very valuable gestures. Thank God I’m fine, the wind played against us but rest assured we’ll see you soon. Hugs!” X wrote on his account.

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Several of his followers sent him messages of support and expressed gratitude that the incident did not escalate.

“Thank God. We join in praying for you. We saw what happened live… Great blessings are coming, blessings!”; “I am very saddened by what happened to you today, I pray to God for your speedy recovery and to see you on the set again”; “Paola, I was watching the news. “I was worried… I’m glad you’re okay” are some of the most notable messages.


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