2027 Pan American Games They won’t be made in Colombia for sure. The only glimmer of hope for saving the headquarters disappeared in the last hours.

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Panama SportsThe organizer of the games announced on its official website on Thursday, February 1 that the candidate venues will only be listed. Lima (Peru) and Asunción (Paraguay).

However, minutes later the page crashed and the information disappeared for several hours. The statement returned to the air around 5:40 p.m.

“These cities, Lima, Peru, and Asunción, Paraguay, have officially met all the requirements requested by Panam Sports to enter the race to become the host city and country before January 31… To determine the next host city Executive Committee In the statement, it was stated that Panama Sports held an Extraordinary General Assembly meeting on March 12.

The drop that would break the camel’s back was a trill from the Colombian president. Gustavo Peterin response to a media outlet’s statement.

EL TIEMPO published the letter Panam Sports sent to Petro explaining the reasons for the decision to remove the fairground from Barranquilla.

“Following non-compliance with the host city agreement and the extensions granted, Panam Sports Executive Committee decided to withdraw the headquarters to Barranquilla, Colombia, at a session held on Tuesday, January 2, 2024,” the letter reads. daily.

After the letter emerged, President Petro reacted ironically with a message on account X. “As far as I know, January 30 has not arrived. we are 21 years old” the president wrote, referring to the second agreed deadline.

Ciro SolanoThe president of the Colombian Olympic Committee (COC) said this message was “surprising and inappropriate”.

“I was surprised by the president’s inappropriate response and frankly didn’t understand why. The channels Panam Sports has today are through the Colombian Olympic Committee and there is “very little light,” Solano told W.

EL TIEMPO learned that this reaction was very harsh for Panam Sports and its reaction was immediate.

“They said Colombia wants the headquarters, the whole country is on the same slogan and will make every effort to save the headquarters, but President Petro’s message is not the best,” the source told EL TIEMPO.

Likewise, this newspaper confirmed the meeting announced by President Petro in his speech on January 9. Since there was no official request, Ilic was never executed.

Petro said he would take advantage of a trip to Davos, Switzerland, to attend the new edition of the Summit on the same day Colombia confirmed it would make progress to return to the venue of the Games. World Economic Forum On his return, he will meet with Ilic and that country’s president, Gabriel Boric, in Chile.

However, it was revealed that Panam Sports was aware of the president’s offer, but they did not receive an official request.

resources Narino Palace They also did not provide information about the date of the meeting to be held in Chile after the visit to Davos and the subsequent meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican.


Source: Exame

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