One of the advantages of the Android operating system is that it was developed by Google, which allows you to access many special tools and services of the most used search engine on the internet.


This will completely change the way existing users respond to emails because facilitates short and precise answerssuch as receipt confirmations or thank yous.

According to technology portal ‘Professional Review’, the app will now have a reply bar, just like WhatsApp, Messenger and others, which will be the fastest and most effective way to reply to an email.

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It should also be added that this does not eliminate the reply or reply all optionsWith a long email, files, etc. They are still available and functional in case you want to respond. The chat option is a new way to interact with the previous options.

If you feel more comfortable with the classic interface and don’t want to see your emails as chats, the ‘Android Police’ portal states: With the touch of a button in the settings, you’ll be able to see the app as before..

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Although it is not yet known when this option will be available to all Gmail members, Quite a few users of the app on Android have already reported that the option has been enabled.

It is expected to be available on all Android devices within a few days, and if positive feedback is received, it will also be enabled for Gmail on all platforms.


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