The investigation into the death of Dilan Santiago Castro appears to be heading in a different direction. Relatives and people involved in the incident, such as the two workers who were on the farm the day the child disappeared, were heard by the prosecutor’s office. But none of the declarants’ versions seem to fit exactly.

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According to a Following certification from the National Institute of Forensic Medicine, the two-year-old baby’s body entered the organization’s premises on February 10, and medico-legal examinations were conducted the same day to direct the investigation of the strange incident.

It was learned that the investigation into the death of Dilan Santiago was undertaken by the Life Unit of the Local Prosecutor’s Office on February 12. Cases investigating matters related to premeditated murder or, as criminal lawyer Francisco Bernate explains, where there are indications of “intent to cause harm.”

Forensic Medicine sources stated that the child’s death was classified as murder. and this was said to be due to mechanical asphyxiation. The claim that the child was a victim of sexual abuse was rejected.

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Everything happened slowly in the investigation into the little boy’s death. Until the close of this edition, Castro Rivas’ body was still in Medicine. A legal claim is expected to be made by his relatives. After the administrative procedures, the child will be delivered to the funeral home, will stay there for two days, and will then be transferred to Tolima’s Mesa de Pole village to be buried.

Statements from Dilan Santiago’s aunt, Valentina Castro, stated that investigators explained the results to her. The child’s autopsy may be delayed after examination found “strange” signs, forcing authorities to investigate the body further. However, this version was not supported by the authorities.

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After the little boy’s mother, Derly Yulieth, made it clear in front of CityTv cameras that she had nothing to do with her son’s death and that if she had been responsible for his death, “he would have disappeared already”; EL TIEMPO contacted the minor’s aunt, Valentina Castro, who told a different version.

“A neighbor called me and told me that the child was missing (…) I called Derly and she told me to stop gossiping, that what I was talking about was that I shouldn’t interfere in her life. It was Tuesday (one day after the child disappeared). “I called the police and they started investigating,” Valentina said.

Same way, Castro explained that he was the one who informed the authorities of the whereabouts of Ömer, his brother, and Dilan’s father., after hearing versions claiming that he would be involved. “If my brother was the criminal, he had to pay for it, and I sent the police to him, but then something happened in my heart. “He told me that wasn’t the case and that when he went to the prosecutor’s office, he was cleared because he was at the foot of a snowy mountain, four hours away from a signalized point.”

The first statement from Dilan’s family, who learned that he had disappeared: Derly stated that he went out that same night to look for his son all over the property; He later said that he passed by the field where the child was found several times but could not find anything.

But one of them 150 people participated in the search effortsThe area where the child’s body was found was not lush and for the same reason it would not be difficult to identify the body.

A source close to the investigation also revealed that initial investigations revealed that Dilan’s body was not where it was found. “We looked for him there several times. Live search dogs were used and after four days we found nothing. “We then used other dogs that specialized in searching for dead people, and the boy turned up where we had been before.”

According to the same statement; There are suspicions that someone may have manipulated the little boy’s body to change his location.. Research is in this direction.

Although there is no official statement from the authorities yet, the truth is that there are many factors surrounding the incident. the strange death of the child and this attract the attention of researchers To everyone who was at the farm in the village of Curubital on the night of February 6th.In the rural part of the town of Usme.

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For now, Valentina Castro says she will continue to seek justice for her nephew and will go wherever he needs to go. “My baby told me in my dreams to seek justice for him and that’s what I will do”.


Source: Exame

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