With over 2.7 billion monthly active users, according to ‘DemandSage’ WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging applications. It is a communication tool that connects people all over the world, and many people use it to share photos, videos, and private information.

This data attracts the attention of cybercriminals who develop new techniques to steal app accounts. We explain how to prevent your belongings from being stolen.

In the report prepared by Major Adrián Vega, head of the Dijín Police Cyber ​​Center, it was stated that 10,802 theft reports were made against WhatsApp accounts in 2023. Criminals have specialized in this method to access users’ banking information or other sensitive data.

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These hackers often use social engineering strategies to trick users. According to American multinational technology company IBM, the use of this tactic relies on “manipulating people into sharing information they shouldn’t share, downloading software they shouldn’t share, visiting websites, sending money to criminals, or making other mistakes that put them at risk.” their personal or corporate security.

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According to Meta, the social media group that owns WhatsApp, It’s best to enable two-step verification.

This option increases the security of your account by creating an access PIN that the app will request occasionally or when you log in from other devices.

Remember to never share your passwords and always verify the source of the links you receive; Cybercriminals often pose as authority figures, banking institutions, or loved ones.

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