business man Elon Musk said Tuesday there are still “unresolved issues” to complete the Twitter acquisition from Doha. It was stated that it was announced last April for $ 44,000 million, and that this process would not cause problems with China, which is a big market for Tesla.(To read: Elon Musk’s daughter makes a radical decision to cut all ties with her father)

Speaking at a video conference from the Qatar Economic Forum, Musk said, “There are still unresolved issues,” and drew particular attention to three issues he expects to be resolved from the company. Although we have no experience, there is the “5% fake account and spam count” issue that Twitter says.‘, he pointed.

On June 6, Musk threatened Twitter with not completing the acquisition, precisely because of this issue, as he did not receive the information he requested from the company. And then “There is the question of whether part of the debt round will be covered and whether shareholders will vote in favor.“, said.

Stating at the beginning of the speech that what he can say is “limited” due to “sensitive issues” and that there is a possibility of being sued for his words, Musk assured this as well. If the Twitter acquisition is complete, it will not affect China.

“Twitter doesn’t operate in China,” he said, adding that he doesn’t think China is “interfering with freedom of expression in the United States”, so he doesn’t think there will be a problem balancing Tesla’s interests in China. future acquisition of China. social network.

Likewise, he stated that if the operation is completed with Twitter, he will focus on it. “push the product” on the network, but you don’t necessarily plan to be CEO.

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