The 55th information judge gave the verdict in the Jhonier Leal case. murder of his brother Mauricio Leal and his mother.

After more than two years of trial in which the prosecution conclusively proved Jhonier’s involvement in the murder of his brother and mother, Today the judge determined the meaning of the decision in this case It is damning and said that this was a murder committed by Jhonier and that Jhonier also tried to manipulate the scene and hide evidence of his involvement in the tragic incident.

The prosecutor in the case, Mario Burgos, asked the court to sentence Leal to the maximum sentence for this case.

“There is no perfect crime, and Jhonier Leal Hernández is solely responsible for the murder of Mauricio Leal and his mother.” Prosecutor Mario Burgos began his speech by stating that the evidence found led him to come to this conclusion.

He also assured that Jhonier left many traces that allowed the Prosecutor’s Office to show its responsibility. At the hearing, it was proven that the defendant fell into the r group.Arboretto residence on Sunday, November 21, 2021 at approximately 23:37.He will stay in the same house until 11.15 on Monday, November 22. The prosecutor presented and reconstructed the timeline in which the double murder occurred.

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Burgos also said that Jhonier Leal Hernández’s guilt was proven beyond all reasonable doubt during the trial. After consuming 45 minutes, Prosecutor Burgos asked the judge for an exemplary sentence for the defendant.

For your part, Leal’s attorney, Daniel Peña, noted that “inconsistencies” occurred throughout the process. For this reason, he asked the judge to acquit his client of the charges and declare the judicial process null and void.

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After rejecting this request The 55th information judge made the sentencing decision in the case of Jhonier Leal’s murder of his brother Mauricio Leal and his mother. Moreover, he assured The fact that this decision was made after the evidence collected could prove that Leal not only killed his relatives, but also did everything possible to change the crime scene to escape the crime.

A new hearing is expected to determine the amount of punishment Jhonier must serve.

The judge determined that Leal was trying to impersonate his brother by sending text messages to his friends. His close friends after committing the murder. Also those sentenced today She would have falsified letters in which Mauricio Leal allegedly left all his property to her.

“The expert emphasized that the letters were written by Mauricio Leal in despair due to the loss of quality of his handwriting (…) text written on napkin “The text saying ‘Mom, I love you, everything will be okay’ was written by Jhonier Leal and was identified by him at the crime scene.”

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As a result, the judge said that the act of murder and the falsification, destruction and concealment of evidentiary materials could be proven. “Added to this was the discovery of toiletries where there were none. Towards this end (…) it has been possible, on the other hand, to establish Jhonier Leal’s authorship or participation in the said events”.


Source: Exame

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