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“WhatsApp for tablets” appears in the latest Android beta


In recent years, the tablet market has been in question due to the fact that our mobile phones increasingly have large screens, and we also have 2-in-1 computers, with the result that the tablet is no longer as necessary as it was many years ago.

This is why many popular apps on the market do not have an official app, especially for the tablet version, and WhatsApp now wants to surprise us with an alleged new version.

As wabetainfo reports, the latest version is for android is starting to offer users a “WhatsApp for Tablets” test banner, which apparently should also reach users. users stable version in the future.

It was already known that whatsapp will release a companion mode version for linking an Android tablet to an existing WhatsApp account.


Currently, only some beta testers can use their WhatsApp account on a tablet, but with this new beta for Android, the developers are planning to announce a version of WhatsApp for tablets in the future.

So that you can receive an invitation to “WhatsApp for tablet”

Some beta testers see a banner telling them to try “WhatsApp for Tablets”.

Keep in mind that some beta testers may be able to link your WhatsApp account on a tablet, but you need to download the beta version of WhatsApp from the Play Store using your tablet to check if this is possible.

This informational banner is expected to appear in the future for more people to use WhatsApp on their tablets, but what this adaptation will look like is currently unknown.

For WhatsApp engineers, the tablet version is not one of the first options, and they are working on many features for the mobile version and even for WhatsApp Web.

Nonetheless, whatsapp web In recent years, we have been surprised by the many features that were previously only possible on mobile phones, making life easier for many students and office workers.

Source: Computer Hoy

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