Today our mobile phone is the center of the vast majority of tasks and actions we carry out on a daily basis. There is no start to the day, no work day, no training day, no fun day, no social interaction without the active participation of the mobile phone.

And with the advent of this it needs to be strengthened hundreds of times. artificial intelligence (AI) to these devices. And it’s not because we have a ChatGPT or Gemini app installed that we’re asking questions; or for some loose functions with AI.


we are talking about something integration and ubiquity of this technology at the chip, process and software level in the phoneThis is completely changing and improving the way we use and interact with our mobile phones on a daily basis. This is one of the biggest reveals made during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in recent days.

George Zhao, CEO of Honor, a rapidly growing mobile company with an offering of well-designed, powerful, high-quality and technically efficient mobile phones, explained its concept to EL TIEMPO. “Human-centered artificial intelligence, “This offers a new experience and interaction across multiple devices to facilitate and anticipate what a person needs, searches for and requires.”

With this concept, the brand introduced the first intent-based user interface that “now every person can adjust and learn”, unlike phone interfaces or software that require an action and require ‘getting used to it’, learning how to use it. to anticipate and predict the actions we take on a daily basis with our devices,” Zhao said.

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This new concept of mobile computing with a purpose-based interface is achieved thanks to several aspects: AI’s ability to ‘recognize and understand’ phone usage and user habits. That is, for example, images, videos, texts (words), places, etc. By identifying its content, it will be able to create a unique and individual profile of interests and actions for you.

AI, on the other hand, will describe your environment: location, other devices you use, people with more interactions, local content and interests, and others. “This combination of AI-powered devices combined with the computing power of a purpose-driven human-centered interface will completely transform people’s experience,” said Honor’s CEO.

Finally, there is technique. Brands such as Microsoft, Intel, Google, Nvidia and Qualcomm participate in the ecosystem offered by Honor, It will improve artificial intelligence and include mixed reality headsets, glasses, sensors, etc. This latest main protagonist in the production of chips and ‘brains’ that will bring to almost all mobile devices and gadgets such as

Many companies have moved towards this path: For example, with its latest Galaxy S24 model, Samsung is integrating AI functions; Apple has been maturing Siri for years, the integration of a multi-device ecosystem, and the AI-focused chip found in many devices, including the new Vision Pro, are some examples of what’s to come in the evolution of the mobile experience.


Phone, computer, tablet, watch, car system, smart speaker, smart home devices, etc. Communication between people becomes superior and surprising with artificial intelligence. You will be able to have more than one screen and drag and change tasks and documents. Using the mobile phone camera to put an image into a presentation on the computer, in short, completely ‘thinking’ and facilitating activities according to your profile and usage habits.

Honor is calling him Magic Portal, which expresses the new functions produced by artificial intelligence according to its habits. If you touch an image, a piece of text, a link, an address, a document, a shape or simply look at an application or content, the mobile phone will ‘know’ and offer you a wide range of functions: calculate, search on a map, share on your networks, send an email -compose a mail, schedule a meeting, do anything, guess your intention.

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With artificial intelligence, you will not only be able to ask it things, but also: “make me a recipe with what you see in the photo” with a picture of the ingredients in your refrigerator; or “Arrange a video call with these people and discuss and share this document with them”; How about “make a video of my daughter dancing” while AI finds the content on your phone and recreates a professional video at your request?

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