A fire broke out in the Bosa town of Bogotá on the afternoon and evening of Sunday, March 3.. Due to the emergency situation, citizens living in the surrounding neighborhoods smelled intense odor and smoke.

(Update: Fire in Bogota: Why is there smoke in Chapinero and Teusaquillo? Firefighters explain).

According to a Bogotá Firefighters report, the fire occurred at South 49th Street and Highway 95A due to grass burning. Firefighters from Kennedy, Fontibón and Central stations moved to the area to control the flames.

Officials said, “The liquidation efforts are starting. The support of the specialized Unmanned Aircraft Group has been activated to create a georeference and identify the affected area.”

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“The billowing smoke alerted us. Suddenly they burned the garbage (there),” a neighbor said. kenttv.

The smoke column was visible from the surrounding sectors and the smell was noticed even in central places of the capital. This was the panorama of Carrera 50 and Calle 25:

Emergency crews used hoses to extinguish the fire in Bosa. According to preliminary versions, the fire affected most of the former landfill in Gibraltar.

“No injuries were reported,” the Bogota Fire Department said.

While the fire was brought under control, Due to the fluctuation of the wind, smoke spread to various parts of the capital.

“Due to the speed and direction of the wind, smoke is coming out from the forest fire that is under control in the southwest of the city in the Chapinero and Teusaquillo areas,” the Fire Department said.

(See more: Fire in Bogota: Why is there smoke in Chapinero and Teusaquillo? Firefighters explain).

Authorities invited citizens to close their windows and cover their noses and mouths with a face mask or wet wipes in case the smoke increases..

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Source: Exame

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