24-year-old Wendy Julieth Villalba Fuentes died under strange circumstances in the United States.

The woman from Santander went to America to find better job opportunities. But, His relatives did not know his whereabouts since Tuesday, February 27, and he died a few days later in Houston, Texas.

The Colombian’s family wants justice and assistance in repatriating his body.

(You can read: This was Wendy Julieth, a Colombian who died in strange circumstances in the USA.)

Four months ago, Wendy Villalba went to the United States with a friend to visit relatives. I worked in restaurants.

He made a final post on his Facebook account on February 22. She shared a video of herself singing and two more photos.

He communicated with his mother every day. However, the Colombian football player’s brother, Wilmar Villalba, told EL TIEMPO: He spoke to his mother for the last time on Tuesday, February 27.

Since the young woman had been missing for several hours, her friend in the USA reported her missing and searched for her in many places.

“On Thursday they told us he was in the hospital, and on Friday they said he had died,” Villalba told this newspaper.

The friend he was traveling with went to the morgue and performed the surgery. recognition of the body.

Police say Wendy Villaba died due to an alleged car accident; However, as Wilmar Villalba noted, “it could have been something else.”

(Also: Colombian doctor shared the detail he had with Latino patients in the US).

In fact, the immigrant’s uncle, Carlos Leyva, stated: Pioneer It is unknown why Wendy Villalba died.

“We are in uncertainty” The girl herself did not tell us anything clear. Some say that being hit by a car was an accident, that he was distracted and the car hit him; others say it was on the beach. “No one can tell us what really happened to Wendy,” Carlos said.

The family requests information from the clinic to find out the real cause of death.

After death, The young woman’s family continues their efforts to take the body to their hometown.

However, the costs are quite high. According to the woman’s brother, Wilmar Villalba, the value is approx. 36 million pesos. They actually raise money through social networks.

(Also: He found an old coin at work in the US but didn’t know it was worth millions.)

Wilmar Villalba told EL TIEMPO that some relatives living in the American country “have met with the US consulate to speed up the process.”

All the man wants is “help to bring him back” so he can be buried in Girón, Santander.

The young woman’s friends wrote emotional messages on social networks after her death. “I still have your joy, your charisma, your humility, your so dominant, so spontaneous personality. (…) My beautiful daughter, I can’t believe that we came here for a dream and you left without being able to enjoy you,” he said. Tatiana Castro.

“Your departure hurts as if a sister has gone, I can only thank God for all the good and beautiful things you have given me, for your advice, for your witty comments or for those who lifted my spirits, for how strong and how brave you were. “You are back,” he said. María Isabel Rey.


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