Cryptocurrencies are booming: more and more people dare to invest in digital currency. According to figures from the Statista portal, its growth has made Colombia one of the Latin American countries with the most ATMs, as it has registered 50 of them.

To be in this investment wave and in line with the needs, Colombian home app RinnApp will be the first to receive payments via cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

“We have developed our own lighting node connected to the blockchain network and a crypto payment gateway that allows us to process not only Bitcoin but also USDT, BNB, MATIC, DOGE and others,” said Fabián Vidal, CEO of the app. an idiom.

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There will be no payment limitations for users, as the company has stated, which currently has 10,000 downloads on the Google Play Store. Regardless of whether they place an order at a restaurant, grocery store, pharmacy and more, the app will allow them to pay with the cryptocurrencies mentioned above.

“We have 450 affiliated buildings within our platform, many of which are small restaurants or businesses that never get this type of payment due to its expensive implementation,” Vidal said.

However, following the announcement, these merchants will enter the new world of payment and trading exchanges.

The platform is currently not available nationwide. With 175 houses deployed, it is located in the three municipalities of Valle del Cauca: Jamundí, Tuluá and south of the city of Cali.

Of course, they hope to expand the scope to include other small cities in Colombia so they can “access facilities that the big have”. But Bogota and Medellin aren’t excluding more capital than they’re in their plans either. Plus, they have Mexico on their radar.

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Parallel to cryptocurrencies, RinnApp receives payments in credit and debit cards, PSE and cash.

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Source: Exame

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