Dangerous spyware “Hermit” found in different apps can infect iPhone, but Apple has already rooted it.

spy apps or malware They are not very common in the iPhone App Store, the opposite of what is happening on Android where we see such apps are more common than they should be. However, it has since been detected Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG), a group specializing in monitoring and analyzing hacking and government-sponsored attacks, new spyware The villain named “Hermit” May endanger iOS and Android devices.

As shared on the official TAG blog, the group has confirmed this. Hermit spyware was created by Italian software company RCS Lab. To attack iOS and Android users. on both platforms spyware Distributed outside of the App Store and Google Play.

iPhone 13 in hand

This terrible spyware has infected both iOS and Android

Dangerous spyware “Hermit” affecting iOS and Android

The process was simple, attackers sent a text message with a malicious link and persuaded victims to download and install the app. On Android, any user can easily install apps from outside the official store, but on iOS the process is a bit more complicated, while on iOS it is possible.

apple custom certificates for companies to deploy business applications without having to go through the App Store to their employees and that was the way it worked. spyware. The spy app pretended to be a legitimate app, but contained malware.

Black iPhone 13 in hand

Apple has already fixed this issue

And while such apps run under the same rules as the App Store, they cannot access internal system files and user data without permission. Apple doesn’t review business appsIt is easier to exploit vulnerabilities found in iOS.

After installed spyware on the victim’s device, collect audio data from microphone, route phone calls, collect photos, messages, emails and even locations device current.

Fortunately, Apple has found a way to stop the spread of ‘Hermit’ spyware. A company spokesperson confirms that all accounts and known certificates associated with spyware have been revokedand you need to install the app so that the malicious app can no longer be distributed outside of the App Store.

Source: i Padizate

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