First PlayStation emulator comes to the App Store: It’s Gamma Emulator

Gamma – Game Emulator is the first PlayStation emulator to come to the App Store for iPhone and iPad

First PlayStation emulator now available for iPhone and iPad

The App Store has changed its rules and, for the first time, apps that can emulate an old gaming console are allowed. We’ve seen plenty of GameBoy emulators on the App Store; Delta is the most famous and important of these. And now it just arrived A new emulator focused on PlayStation gamesis called Gamma – Game Emulator and now you can download it from the App Store.

iPhone users went from not having any emulators to having many options and having multiple options in the next few weeks. Gamma – Game Emulator is capable of emulating classic PS 1 games and has been available on different platforms for many years.

Gamma – Game Emulator: The first PlayStation emulator on the App Store

iPhone users now have a plethora of emulators available that are easier than ever to install, due to Apple’s change in policies on the App Store. And now Thanks to Gamma – Game Emulator we can relive PS 1 classics directly on our iPhone or iPad.

emulator It has its own on-screen controls that we can edit to our liking, but it is also compatible with external controllers. We can connect a PlayStation 5 controller to the iPhone or iPad and enjoy games with this emulator. We can also connect any Mai controller or wireless or wired keyboard and it will work.

Gamma is a video game console emulator with all the features you’d expect

Of course you can save the game whenever you want, but Gamma also does this automatically, so you can always return to that precise moment. You can save copies of your favorite games and sync them across devices thanks to Google Drive and Dropbox compatibility. It also has the function of quickly displaying the game cover.

emulator It’s completely free and requires an iPhone or iPad running iOS 15, iPads 15 or later. Also, thanks to the work of its developer ZodTTD, BIOS files are not required for emulation. This is great news for all retro game lovers who have been waiting for the arrival of Provenance, a PlayStation, GameCube, Wii and SEGA emulator that will be released very soon.

Source: i Padizate

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