‘Switch to Android’ app, Already compatible, which allows you to transfer data from an iPhone with Android operating system to a new phone with all Android 12 devices.

Google launched this app a few months ago when it introduced it. as a data transmission system, wireless, It allows sending contacts, calendar events, photos and videos stored in iPhone to a mobile phone with an operating system other than iOS.

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This application Developed by Google LLC and since then it is available for free download on the App Store, only data migration from an iPhone to a Google Pixel mobile is allowed. However, the company has announced that it is compatible with this service. It’s already rolling out to all phones running Android 12.

In addition to the wireless transfer of this information and files to the Android phone, Google It can also be done with an iPhone cable.

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Likewise, he stated that if users want to use native services developed by Apple, such as FaceTime, they can do so through the latest version of their browser, Google Chrome.

same thing happens apple music, the app is also available on the Play Store. After the session starts, purchases and downloads section will be accessible on new Android phone

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Source: Exame

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