President-elect, on the night of June 29, Confirmed that José Antonio Ocampo is the finance minister. The news was announced by Petro on his Twitter account.

“José Antonio Ocampo will be our finance minister. Build a productive economy and an economy for life,” he wrote.

Before the announcement, several politicians and journalists reacted on their own social networks.

Humberto de la Calle, elected senator and former peace negotiator, wrote: “The appointment of José Antonio Ocampo as Minister of Finance is great news. On time and correct. Progressive enough for this moment of social crisis and too orthodox to do anything crazy.

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Journalist Mónica Rodriguez, who congratulated the decision and described it as a success, joined in.

“The appointment of José Antonio Ocampo as Minister of Finance is great news. Undoubtedly a success,” he said.

Senator Iván Marulanda, for his part, congratulated Ocampo and said: “It is the duty of the state to make sense of its responsibility to provide an outlet in development to the tension between the opportunity-less millions and the concentrated and paralyzed wealth in a lack of solidarity.” .

was someone else Former presidential candidate Sergio Fajardo, whom Ocampo counseled during the election.

He shared on his Twitter account, “I’ve worked with him and his broad and deep knowledge of the country, combined with his social sensitivity, experience and leadership skills make him an ideal person for these difficult times. Great sir.” .

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So far the news has been well received by most of the guild. public. In fact, former official Jonathan Malagón and Bogota Chamber representative Cathy Juvinao agreed with this positive view and expressed their agreement with the decision.

“Tranquilidad secures the appointment of @JoseA_Ocampo as Minister of Finance. In my opinion, the most important economist in Colombian history. Academic, professional and humanitarian conditions are the guarantee of good management. No doubt this is very good news,” said Malagon.

“José Antonio Ocampo, Minister of Finance of the Republic of Colombia. Even in my wildest dreams! Wow”, Juvinao published.

José Antonio Ocampo is an experienced economist who has held key positions as the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs and director of the National Planning Department.

The current Finance Minister, José Manuel Restrepo, referred to his career and expressed his opinion on the appointment.

“A great Minister of Finance, undoubtedly Colombia’s best-known economist. He is a very well-known person with experience in the industry, who knows the details of what the Finance and Public Lending sector means, and is very internationally recognized. It seems to me that this is a very good name and personally As I mentioned, the transparency of this integration process attracts all attention,” Restrepo told EL TIEMPO.

Luz Stella Murgas, President of the Colombian Natural Gas Association (Naturgas), wrote on his Twitter account:
@JoseA_Ocampo because it’s called #MinHacienda. His outstanding career and leadership are synonymous with peace of mind for society and the economic sectors. At Naturgas, we are at your service to work together to reduce poverty and inequality”.

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Source: Exame

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