The suspension of payments to Rappitenderos was the new motivation for residents to take action against the company this Tuesday morning.. They condemn the situation as lasting more than a month and have identified nearly 200 cases across the country. The company states that there are fewer cases and the issues are already resolved.

According to Unidapp, the Platform Workers Union in Colombia, 153 cases have been identified in Bogotá alone. there are delays in payments to households.

Likewise, there are 15 more cases in Medellin, 12 in Cartagena, 8 in Cali, and 5 more in Barranquilla.

Although Rappitenderos said there was a delay of more than three weeks and Rappi would pay them, “money never arrives, shipping was supposed to happen from thursday to friday, next deduction and other ways, but it does not come. I went to the office and they said they won’t pay me because even though they have all the evidence in my favor, they’re already getting paid,” said Jhonniell Colina, president of Unidapp in Bogota.

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On the other hand, Rappi points out that last week they identified 33 cases of independent distributors “due to problems with their accounts” at the national level.
the bank did not receive their earnings for the services rendered. We contacted them immediately and
The inconvenience was resolved as quickly and easily as possible.
a part of us and the bank
. Independent drivers will see
reflected its profits until Tuesday, July 5 at the latest,” he said.

According to the application, all requests received from the channels,
The maximum response time of the ‘Soya Rappi’ app from the service is 12 hours and “payment related complaints” The earnings of independent distributors are resolved as soon as possible as we understand the importance of this income to them.“, to create

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