This is the case of grandfather Domingo Verna, who killed his grandson with five bullets during a fierce argument. The story shocked Bahía Blanca in Argentina and is the subject of a criminal investigation in which the man is charged with self-defense.

As the case continued, the victim’s mother’s lawyer, Ignacio Jorge Yazyi, gave an interview in which he revealed the cold-blooded statements of the defendants after he killed his relative, Brian Verna. In this regard, the former military assured him that the attack was “intentional” and said he would demand that the scope of the murder, aggravated by the connection, be changed.

In the dialogue with ‘La Brújula 24’, the lawyer said: “This incident took place in a context of violence between the two, and it remained so for a long time. Brian lived for years with his grandfather, who took on the role of his father. He was a domineering man, and there was tribute and humiliation. He worked with him, who gave him money and demanded it with interest. He rushed her, said that she would stay on the street and was constantly looking for him.

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Noting what happened in mid-June when Brian attacked his grandfather and broke into his home, reached for a gun and then shot him, He stated: “Physical aggression is not justified, but on the day of the incident Brian did not get up to attack him. At one point she passes him and scolds him. Brian’s partner said he was demanding the money back.”

Later, Brian went to his grandfather’s house and attacked him first with a stick and then with his fists. “He makes a stick that he has never hit with his fist. The stick breaks on the ground and he does not use it. I insist, not to justify it, but he has motivation,” Yazyi said. “There is pain where there is anger,” said Yazyi. We think it was premeditated, and at that moment the grandfather shouted at him, ‘I’m going to kill you’”.

According to the lawyer’s statement, after the threat, Domingo went looking for the gun and saw Brian kicking the door of his house. “Instead of calling the emergency services or a family member,” he shot her. “His physical integrity was not at risk at the time. “I had planned ahead and I think there was some fatigue,” he said.

Regarding the progress of the investigation, Yazyi reported that statements of relatives, neighbors and acquaintances were taken this week, and that he would demand that it be changed to “aggravated murder by connection” after the completion of this stage. In addition, it revealed that some witnesses feared reprisals to which the accused might respond.

“The first person to fear is Brian’s daughter, who is his mother. He sits across the street, there are cameras all over the defendant’s house showing his daughter’s camera. “He is an authoritarian man who spied on the whole family,” said Erdogan, “There have already been aggressions and threats between them. I don’t have an exact date. It should be noted that he is a former soldier and knows how to use weapons. His demeanor was so cold, he didn’t come close to see what he was doing, completely disregarding his own grandson’s life.

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In these lines, he described the phrase Domingo allegedly said after he killed his grandson: “It is his girlfriend who called the ambulance, and at the police station he declares that his grandfather said to himself: ‘I killed the trouble.‘”.

Thus, he insisted that the grandfather had a pre-existing desire to kill the young man. He considered the events “not enough motivation and physical aggression, but against property”. “Our hypothesis is that his life wasn’t at risk, that Brian couldn’t have gotten into the house. So Grandpa planned ahead and waited for him to come back,” he said.

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