Tochka Bank has implemented an AI-based ML model to read customer emotions in a dialogue with employees. It indicates the negative, positive or negative mood of the customer and helps the bank to solve problems faster.

Tochka introduced an ML model to read the emotions of customers in dialogue with the bank

Tochka Bank began to apply artificial intelligence technologies when working with clients. The organization has implemented an ML model that tracks human emotions and helps employees solve tasks more competently and quickly. This was reported to RB.RU by a representative of Tochka Bank.

The ML model monitors the emotions of the customer and indicates to the employee a negative, positive or neutral attitude on their part. AI tracks the customer’s mood throughout the conversation, based on the context and emotionally charged words spoken at the “Point”.

“Soon, the ML model will also recognize the voice of the customer. This will help us to detect even a slight “chill” coming from a person in order to find an individual approach to him,” said Anton Shilin, Head of Communication with a Client at Tochka Bank.

The implementation of the model has already given results: the number of dialogues that started with concern, but ended on a positive note, increased by 20%.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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