A leak collecting sensitive files from ride-hailing app Uber reveals the ethically questionable and potentially illegal tactics the company has used to fuel its insane global expansion Almost a decade ago, this Sunday uncovered a joint journalistic investigation of the British media.

An investigation by dozens of media outlets dubbed the ‘Uber Files’ reveals that company representatives took advantage of the sometimes violent backlash against taxi union drivers to gain support and evade regulatory authorities as they sought to conquer new markets.

In total, there are 124,000 documents obtained by the British newspaper ‘The Guardian’ between 2013 and 2017 and subsequently shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

These revelations are another blow to a company that has always grappled with controversy in its quest to become a disruptive force in local transportation worldwide.

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The documents include text and email exchanges between executives, including co-founder and former chairman Travis Kalanick, who was forced to resign in 2017 over brutal management practices within the company and allegations of multiple sexual and psychological harassment.

“Violence guarantees success,” Kalanick wrote to another of the company’s leaders as he launched a counter-protest during protests against Uber’s launch in Paris, France, in 2016.

Uber’s rapid expansion has been fueled by subsidies to drivers and fare reductions that have negatively impacted the taxi union.One of the media outlets involved in the investigation, The Washington Post, said it “usually without seeking a license to operate as a taxi or limousine service.”

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Uber drivers in Europe have faced violent retaliation from taxi drivers who see them as a threat to their livelihoods. “In some cases, when drivers are attacked, Uber executives react quickly to capitalize on regulatory support and public seeking,” the investigation says, “Submit.”

According to The Guardian, Uber European countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy have adopted similar tactics, mobilizing drivers and encouraging them to report to the police if they are victims of violence.in order to use media coverage to gain concessions from the authorities.

A spokesperson for Kalanick vehemently dismissed the findings, arguing that “Uber never suggested that it profits from violence at the expense of drivers’ safety.” But the company shifted the blame on Sunday to its leadership, whose “mistakes” of Kalanick have already been made public.

“We have moved from an era of conflict to an era of cooperation, showing our willingness to come to the table and find points of agreement with longstanding competitors, including unions and taxi companies,” Uber said. “Committed to transforming every aspect of the way Uber works.”


The investigation also accuses Uber of trying to evade regulatory investigations by taking advantage of a technological advantage.He wrote ‘Mail’. The newspaper described the moment Kalanick applied a “death switch” to remotely disable access to internal Uber systems on devices at one of its Amsterdam offices during an investigation by authorities.

“Please press the close button immediately,” the manager wrote to an employee via email. “Access must be closed in AMS (Amsterdam).”

Kalanick’s spokesman, Devon Spurgeon, said the executive “does not authorize any action or program to obstruct justice in any country”. Kalanick added that “he has not been charged with obstruction of justice or any other related offense in any jurisdiction.”

Again, Investigation shows Uber’s actions were illegal and its managers knew itHe said one of them was joking that they were “pirates”.

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Reports say the filings reveal that he lobbied governments to help Uber grow and found an ally in France in Emmanuel Macron, finance minister between 2014 and 2016. The company believed Macron would encourage regulators to be “less conservative” in their interpretation of the rules limiting the company’s activities.

Macron was an outspoken supporter of Uber and his idea of ​​turning France into a “startup nation” in general, but leaked documents show that the then minister’s support contradicted the government’s left-wing policies.

The statements sparked anger among left-wing politicians who condemned the links between Uber and Macron. against “all our rules” and
“looting the country.”


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