decision made The 43rd court of the Bogota circuit, last Monday, July 11, decided to immediately ban the sale of iPhone and iPad models using 5G technology in Colombia. has a few questions.

First, It is worth noting that this fifth generation technology is not currently available for mobile devices in the the measure is quite curious.

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The decision comes after the court finds it. Apple violated Colombian patent NC2019/0003681necessary to develop 5G technology and It was awarded to Swedish multinational Ericsson in 2019 and is valid until December 2037.

Latter, the same legal dispute is taking place in the United StatesWhere Ericsson also aims to ban the marketing of Apple devices with 5G.

These apple devicesavailable in the market, has 5G technology.

– iPhone SE 2022
-iPhone 13
– iPhone 13 Mini
– iPhone 13 Pro
– iPhone 13 Pro Max
-iPhone 12
– iPhone 12 Mini
– iPhone 12 Pro
– iPhone 12 Pro Max
-iPad Pro (11 inch)
-iPad Pro (12.9 inch)
-iPad Weather


Answer is no. This measure only limits the import, sale and marketing of the above-mentioned devices. Then, The operation of an already purchased iPhone or iPad 5G is not compromised.

According to the communiqué issued by the 43rd court of Bogota, “Apple Colombia SAS ordered to be stopped immediately and withdrawn Import into Colombia of all devices or mobile phones that use or comply with the technology protected by Patent No. 36031.”

He also instructed the National Tax and Customs Directorate. Advancing all actions to prevent entry of (DIAN) devices into the country now.

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To answer this, three possible solutions should be considered. First, Apple’s payment of Ericsson’s proposed royalties ($5 for each device sold) to end the lawsuit.

The second scenario is Expect a verdict in the case, which could happen in December 2022.

The last option is Apple has appealed (which is most likely) because they argued that the case was not made in the United States will want users to continue purchasing devices with fifth-generation technology.

How did Apple respond to the ban on selling iPhone and iPad 5G in Colombia?

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