On Wednesday, July 20, with the opening of the new Congress,
honeymoon and the Petro period begins firmly. gone symbolic and
smiling photos of the first week
“. Thus begins a powerful statement issued by former presidential candidate Sergio Fajardo.He referred to the elected president Gustavo Petro and the decisions he made during this short unification period.

As he stated in the document he shared on his Twitter account, Roy Barreras, who remained president of the Senate in the first year of the legislature with the Historical Pact, sees him as an “extraordinary executor of all things politics”. , ingenious recycling as an expression of change”.

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With his unparalleled talent, he left representatives of the left on the canvas, who will humbly see how Barreras donned the presidential sash to his maximum leader.It can be read in “. Message.

He also criticized Petro for his open stance on the political sectors of the establishment, an issue that concerns Barreras: “The heads of the main traditional political parties seduced by Roy visited Peter to pay his respects.: they have fallen at the feet of their arch-enemy and will support revolutions they never supported (…) Seeing is believing: they will approve tax and agrarian reforms, and as if that weren’t enough, a political reform, in Barreras’ words: ‘It will end the corrupt system of patronage!“.

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For him, good ways of doing politics are important, and the end does not justify the means: “Politics is now the ubiquitous ‘art of swallowing a frog,’ said to be dynamic, and when someone dares to speak of principles a principle is disqualified for so-called moral superiority”.

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Finally, he pointed out that it was the means that justified the end for him. Well, No real change can be achieved without a transformation in how politics is done in Colombia.: “I believe that the chosen path makes serious struggle impossible, and
is determined against corruption. Congress is or should be the main stage
On the fight against corruption, the National Agreement

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