YouTube will remove videos that spread misinformation about abortion And they reported on the platform this Thursday, via their corporate social network, that they thought their content was not safe for viewers.

“We will remove or remove content that instructs about unsafe abortion methods making false claims about the safety of abortion“They tweeted from the company, arguing that they were based on recommendations issued by medical authorities.

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This line prompted YouTube to prioritize linking its users with “authoritative health resources”.

This panel will include a link and instructions to “consult your local medical authority” for “advice” on the matter. This initiative, which YouTube will implement in the coming weeks, is coming after the platform’s parent company Google came under fire by a group of lawmakers in terms of the way it prioritizes the order in which news about abortion is ranked first in the search engine.

According to these accusations, search engine optimization (SEO) tools are directed to crisis pregnancy centers (against abortion). Those who google for clinic to interrupt pregnancy process.


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