It looks like AMD is finally preparing an answer to RTX Voice from rival Nvidia. At least a video that seems to have been released by chance on the AMD channel shows this early and brings a teaser for Noise Suppression.

The video has already been taken down, but everyone knows that once it’s made public, someone will save it. And that’s what happened, so while the quality isn’t the best you can still check out the trailer that was reposted on Reddit.

Noise Suppression means “noise suppression”. This looks like AMD’s alternative to the popular RTX Voice; A feature found in GTX graphics cards that uses artificial intelligence and a deep learning algorithm to reduce the non-sound noise level when you use the microphone.

Nvidia’s technology is even highly praised for being able to extract loud sounds from a mechanical keyboard while keeping one’s voice crisp and clear.

Noise Suppression will be integrated into AMD’s Adrenaline Software and it won’t be long before it officially reaches consumers. The original plan for the trailer was to release it with the availability of the feature, as it says “available now” at the end of the teaser.

Source: Tec Mundo

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