A farmer recorded the moment a python ingested a cow that had been eaten hours ago. Phitsanulok, in the north of Thailand. The reptile, which was on the side of the road and in very bad shape, could not stand all this food and exploded.

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You can see it in the video farmer The surprising fact, described as Nirun Leewattanakul, because although this snake can devour large animals, it is not uncommon to see food influencing them, let alone affecting them. burst cannot digest.

The recording was published by the British newspaper Daily Mirror and caused the video to go viral around the world within a few hours. According to this environment, the farmer then took the corpses of the animals and burned them to prevent bad odors and other animals from approaching the village.

According to some media reports, the cattle belonged to Leewattanakul, who was looking for the cow in his village but did not expect to find it in such a grotesque scene.

“The python must have been hungry and saw the cow. He then strangled it to death before swallowing his whole body. It was a very frightening scene”, the Thai’s video.

this Burmese python The one seen on record was probably about four meters long because only snakes this size and larger could eat such a large animal.

According to experts from the animal portal Naturalista, an adult snake cannot eat a human, but a video circulating on YouTube of a community discovering the body of a 54-year-old woman on the Asian continent. a python.

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These snakes do not exist they are poisonous so the only means for them to feed is strangulation. They can be found frequently in Southeast Asia and can reach a maximum age of 20 years, a weight of 96 kilograms and a size of about 6 meters, according to the digital medium ‘Animalista’.

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