On Twitter, it’s common for Gifs and reactions to differing opinions to become popular, but lately there has been a trend for content to teach English prepositions in a didactic way.

The content has become popular precisely because prepositions,
One of the most confusing aspects of speaking English.

It also helped twitter users who want to learn English to clarify the differences, for example, between “at” and “near” or “around” and “through”.

César Dorado was the user to share this GIF with the phrase “I love this visual guide for English prepositions” and the content was easily copied.

The image looked fascinating to the users and they made suggestions for the next most needed didactic gifs and this could be more successful

They ask each other about laísmos and leísmos, and even one with phrasal verbs in English.

Other options for learning languages ​​include apps like Duolingo, or a mobile game that can be activated by typing a foreign language word into Google Translate’s text bar or typing “Word Coach” to gain more vocabulary.

Next, a test will appear that will train people in everyday vocabulary, you will have to answer questions to earn points and move on to other challenges.

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