They were confident they could reward them at the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI). millionaire works for the construction of the so-called Canal del Dique before the change of government.

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The first envelope with the characteristics of the Sacyr firm had already been opened, lThe only one submitted to the 3.09 billion pesos public-private partnership (PPP) processdesigned the construction of locks and gates to control severe flooding and sedimentation on the Caribbean coast.

Despite the doubts surrounding the process, some aired at the crossroads, the program continued. According to the second, Hearing for the award of the project scheduled for August 5.

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But at the last minute Process paralyzed due to a warning from the Auditor General (Announced by THE TIME); Added a sanction to the Sacyr matrix in Spain.

Indeed, Manuel Felipe Gutiérrez, former director of ANI, announced: mega-work award postponed to August 12 At the request of the Auditor (at the beginning of the Petro government).

As this diary reveals, The control body began with a warning that it “represents a potential risk in the process of properly awarding the contract”.”, as, among other reasons, there are inconsistencies in the fulfillment of the eligibility requirements of the sole bidder: Sacyr SAS

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Among the procedures with possible defects indicated by the controller Sacyr board minutes confirming the submission of the proposal.

“The verb in question is mentioned and seems to be voting for a member who is not explicitly part of this”, as determined by the document of presence and legal representation submitted by the defender with his proposal, as it was removed more than 9 months ago” reads the document signed by delegate Luis Fernando Mejía. It also notes that not all board members vote.

But the Auditor’s observations go further.

warns”arithmetic differences” in values ​​offered by Sacyr in the tender process.

Certificate of Experience in Investment of Desarrollo Vial al Mar SAS Does not meet the requirements specified in the letter A of 4.4.2. Specifications and annexes37.49 percent of the equity participation of the bidder Sacyr Concesiones Colombia SAS in Desarrollo Vial al Mar SAS is certified, which is lower than the requirement (+50 percent) to be able to document control status. )” he warns.

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Moreover, The auditor asked ANI if any possible effects it could have on the execution of the project were justified. The last sanction imposed on the main and 100% controlling company of the bidder in Spain: Sacyr.

Indeed, the Spanish firm filed a lawsuit on July 5, where it contested the sanction imposed on it by the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC). And behavior is not trivial. It allegedly changed thousands of public contracts over the past 25 years. A behavior that Sacyr rejects, designed for the construction of infrastructures and civil works.

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In every situation, Auditor asked ANI to confirm Sacyr’s true financial capacityconsidering it is also targeting another mega project: 5G Buga-Buenaventura.

Actually, Although the award of the Dique canal was discontinued, ANI awarded Sacyr the construction of that road in the Pacific.Requiring an investment of 4 billion pesos, 2.21 billion pesos in construction and 1.84 billion pesos in operation and maintenance.

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TIME determined that, So far, ANI has not responded to the Audit Office as to whether they can be fixed. Observations that Sacyr made about his process, his figures, and his financial strength. Nor if the implications of the investigation in Spain have already been assessed.

All that existence sends is a Letter to the Office of the Chief Prosecutor demanding “immediate intervention in the sentencing hearing”“which was not done.

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