Take a close look at the apps, uses, or features that consume the most battery so you know what to disable before you lose all the charge on your device.

You can do this from the battery option in your phone settings and you can close some applications or disable functions as you must have the mobile phone.

The first solution is to disable downloads in the background, as this can lead to problems with the autonomy of the equipment.

Thus, if the applications enter the Google Play or App Store, they will continue to be updated manually, but they will be prevented from automatically searching for new versions and updating if they find them.

To block updates on iOS you have to go to Settings, then the App Store and the ‘Automatic Downloads’ menu, disable them and prevent them from downloading to other devices connected to the same Apple ID.

On Android phones you need to go to Google Play, click on the photo in the top right, go to Settings, then Network Preferences, then click on Automatically update applications and select the option to automatically update applications.

Manually reduce the brightness of the screen, it is also recommended to remove the ‘Auto brightness’ option on some devices.

Another tip is to use the system’s dark mode so you stay pixel-free and therefore reduce power consumption.

You can also enable special functions on iPhone to save battery and reduce eye strain, such as True Tone and Night Shift mode.

So you can have a list of all the programs installed in Windows.

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Source: Exame

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