One of the most frequently asked questions is what happens after death. While religions have their own views on the matter, their arguments are not enough for those who continue to question the existence of heaven or the reality of reincarnation.

Tine Hines, for her part, firmly believes that people will go to heaven after they die.In fact, he claims to have witnessed the ‘heavenly house’.

In 2018, Hines was walking with her husband when he suddenly fell to the ground. Amid her amazement, the man performed resuscitation maneuvers as he waited for paramedics who took him to the hospital.


The doctors who treated the Arizona woman decided she had a heart attack and decided to put her in a coma to decide how to save her life. Finally, They used the defibrillator seven times, until Tine reacted when they thought there was nothing they could do..

God chose to save my life with a miracle to show his goodness and love.”, the woman wrote on her social networks that she wanted to get the “message of God” to more people.

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According to doctors, Tine Hines is dead for 27 minutes. Gradually, the American’s vital signs stabilized, and the first thing he wanted when he woke up was something to write about.

After miraculously waking up, the first thing he did was ask for a pen because he was intubated so he couldn’t speak, and he wrote ‘true’ in my cousin’s diary.Hines’ niece reads Madie Johnson’s Instagram post.

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affected, The doctors asked the woman what she said or meant, and Tine immediately raised her eyes to the sky and her eyes filled with tears..

Our Heavenly Father brought me back to life and allowed me to share His exquisite beauty and grace the next day after I came out of a coma. He wanted to make it clear how real heaven was and how faithful and sovereign his love was.” reads one of Tine Hines’ posts.

In an interview with some local media, the woman says she saw bright colors and a Jesus-like figure in front of some doors..

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Although the American has always believed in God, his experience with death increased his faith, and he is also now sharing his testimony with more believers. He even wrote a book: ‘How dying changes living’ (Spanish how dying changes living).

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