It happened to everyone. You buy an inexpensive cable for an iPhone, you use it normally. But little does it break, and not necessarily because it’s done poorly. It’s just that the iPhone itself refuses to download, and that’s it.

Every iPhone and iPad has a system for connecting plug-ins, chargers, and other devices. IFI certification. It enhances the quality of Apple accessories.

If certification is not required, the iPhone can be taken over. And this is not the biggest problem.

This Apple certification can be quickly checked online. Possible for any sold accessory in the world.

How to Check MFi Certification for Any Accessory

one. Go to

2. In the list of selected items Brand.

3. In the field opposite, the brand of the accessory manufacturer is written.

four. Find your accessory in the list of results.

If the cable and charger are on the list, then they have an MFi certificate. If not, then alas.

I drove Baseus and found only 34 detections in the Apple database, many of which are duplicated due to minimal design features and the same model or packaging. That is, at best, 5% of the Baseus assortment passed through MFi.

At Ugrin things are better – there are 297 records. One fact will say a lot about the overall quality level of this Chinese brand in the near future.

Or not? because Ugreen is also lying.

Why don’t all accessories have MFi certification?

The certification process costs money and takes time.

To organize manufacturers, you need to contact Apple and select food accessories. The company and its service partners will check the “thing” for:

▪ degree of heating
▪ component quality (including chips)
▪ compatible with Apple
▪ reliability
▪ operability of declared functions

If all tests are successfully passed, the next stage will come. Manufacturer for a one-time per plane for actually obtaining an MFi certificate. This is provided on the packaging, as provided by the packaging design, which allows the accessory to be legally branded with the MFi brand name.

Finally, the manufacturer must Apple’s full royalty on every accessory sold with this certification.

Some manufacturers find it too easy to certify absolutely every accessory they sell. The cost of the process is always calculated on users, so “little things” with the MFi logo are always more expensive than without it.

Many companies, especially from China, donate only “selected” accessories to MFi. The residual may meet Apple’s “quality level” but is not certified.

95% of payments and charges from AliExpress, as well as inexpensive models in private stores and even salons of operations are not MFi certified. Moreover, the presence of the MFi logo on the box or in the description is nothing under warranty.

You can draw and write anything that the Chinese observed. Apple can sue for this, but it’s legal for the manufacturer to “catch”.

Why is MFi certification verification important?

Ugreen connection example with real MFi certification. It costs 1090 rubles.

In addition to the example of “blocking” unlicensed iOS licenses, the lack of MFi certification increases the risk of damage not only to the accessory itself, but also to the device connected to it.

However, the fact that MFi has nothing supernatural is not a guarantee. Is that a post of trust and pure statistics of the statistics of the chances of an unpleasant and unexpected breakdown.

And also Chinese (less often – American, European) manufacturers of series deceive buyers of their accessories, promising them MFi certification. This logo increases the value of the product and increases sales. Some buyers deliberately choose the MFi “thing” based on Apple’s quality level.

Ugreen is lying. This cable for 950 rubles does not have an MFi certificate, but the description and the picture indicate the opposite.

Example. I think everyone here knows Baseus and Ugrin, very popular brands of Chinese streams and chargers. They are available in abundance on AliExpress and are several times cheaper than original and “Western” products.

The vast majority of emissions and charges are not MFi certified. And this does not prevent both those and others (as well as the compilers of product cards) from throwing the MFi label around as they please. As we have already seen above.

Get into the habit of checking accessories through the MFi base before purchasing. It will take a couple of minutes, but it will help you quickly make a choice and save your money. Yes, nerves too.

Source: Iphones RU

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