Truck Toyota, license plates CJE825He continues to give clues that four bodies with traces of torture were found inside. EL TIEMPO has exclusively disclosed who its owner is. Now he has made a new connection with the investigation conducted by the Prosecutor’s Office since 2018.

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truck arriving color Xerus gray Made of metallic and Chía plates, it was abandoned around 10 pm, and after three hours of examination, the bodies of three men and one woman with signs of torture were found.

EL TIEMPO reporters determined that the van was in the name of Carlos Mauricio Navarro DuranAppearing in two companies in Barcelona (Spain): one Baltinga Holding S.L. and the other, Telemarketing Express International SL.

Now, EL TIEMPO reveals that the businessman is supposedly the son of María Stella Durán de Navarro. ‘queen of telesales’ or telemarketing.

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Both appear as managers in the company Stella Durán natural products C in S.

Maria Stella Duran de Navarro He was caught in his luxury residence in northern Bogota in September 2018. For forty years she has made her beauty business a center of commerce.

Listening, confirmed by a warrant judge, hears María Stella Durán, who has just returned to the country after a trip to the United States, Making explicit reference to the procedures he would entrust to the corruption network that has been operating at Invima for years.

In searches, investigators found that members of the organization offered illegal services in their portfolios. Procedures for registering products that are allegedly imported from China and offer miraculous cures for different diseases.

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According to the file, the business woman He got an eviction ticket on March 29 And your son has no criminal record. Edited by release ticket criminal court 58 municipality with warranty function.

EL TIEMPO researched and Toyota’s It has level 3 armor, which was included in the vehicle in July of last year.

Wanted by owner Intelligence officers of the Bogota Metropolitan Police to give information about the people in possession of the truck.

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“In such cases, the cart used to dispose of the bodies usually belongs to one of the victims. Therefore, we want to know if Navarro has sold it or still has it.‘ said one researcher.

He added that the owner did not have a criminal record and was a clue to be reached within the scope of the investigation. tool forks and the identities of the dead.

EL TIEMPO tried to locate the lawyers of the business woman and her son, but at the end of this issue, this was not possible.

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