temporary messages Whatsapp are used for send text, photo or video with personal content that you do not want to leave in a particular conversation. It may contain a private image or confidential information. Precisely for prevent this content get out of there, the message is temporary. That is, after some time disappears from the device who received the image or video. However, if it is a photograph, whoever receives it may take a screenshot. Or so it was until now, when WhatsApp could not block screenshots.

But with the August updates for WhatsApp, for both Android and iPhone, Facebook decided to include new features for better protect privacy our messages or what we do or don’t do on this instant messaging app. And one of these new products, just what is happening with temporary messages.

Sending temporary WhatsApp messages is normal because they disappear instantly. But of course, if the recipient can take a screenshot or record a video using their phone’s recording feature, useless The message is temporary. Hence the ability to block screenshots.


block screenshots

The good news is that you don’t have to do anything to get this new feature. Only Stay in touch Your WhatsApp version. this is a function enabled by default that you don’t have to manually configure. And, therefore, it cannot be deactivated either. As the media have explained WABetaInformationscreenshot lock works with temporary whatsapp messages containing photos and videos. In this case, when you try to take a screenshot or start recording a message will appear which indicates that the capture was blocked for privacy reasons.

However, this block does not apply to temporary WhatsApp messages at the moment. which contain text. Or normal conversations. You also won’t get a warning if someone tries to do grab your messages. something that needs to happen in future versions WhatsApp to see if the person receiving our temporary messages is trustworthy.

Finally, a recommendation for your safety. remember that although temporary WhatsApp messages have an expiration date, they are not 100% safe. Not even adding this feature to block screenshots. As explained in WABetaInformation, if someone has a second device with a camera at hand, then he can easily take a screenshot or record the resulting video. And you won’t know until you see the published content. In general, appropriate be very careful when sending temporary messages, because text, image or video They can fall into the wrong hands due to carelessness.

Activate temporary WhatsApp messages

Temporary WhatsApp messages may disappear after 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days. They can be activated individually in different chats or conversations. But it is worth knowing that “new messages sent to the chat will disappear after duration selected. The most recent selection will affect new chat messages, however messages sent or received before activation temporary messages will not undergo any changes.

Per Activate temporary messages in a separate chat, you need to open WhatsApp, enter this conversation, tap on the contact’s name, and then tap on temporary messages. Finally, you will need to choose an expiration date (24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days). You will also need to choose in which chats to activate the feature. message expiration date.

And to deactivate this function, you will have to repeat the same process. But after clicking on temporary messages you will see an option deactivated. Click there, and then choose in which chats to disable this feature.

Source: Hiper Textual

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