As time goes by, technology is advancing faster, such as video game consoles, cell phones, and other devices that make life easier for people. In fact, the world of cooking has also been affected, as various kitchen appliances have led to major innovations.

This is the case with air fryers, appliances that have become an essential part of the family kitchen Because of its ability to reduce oils and fats in foods, as well as food preparation time. Undoubtedly, an improvement in the quality of life of the household.

This small oven transfers hot air through a heating element (a metal tube containing a coil of wire that produces heat) and a fan that cooks the ingredients much faster than in stoves, giving it that fried feeling.

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However, many people have doubts about how viable it is to use one of these appliances and how healthy it can be when cooking.

Chief Tulio Zuloaga described his experience with the machine in a past conversation with this newspaper: “I used it for a short time, but the ease impressed me. Do not worry, it does not pollute, does not leak oil, does not burn you”.

One of the most important unknowns when looking to acquire one of these elements is whether it can replace conventional fryers. It is not necessary to use oil or any ingredients to use it.

Normally, healthy eating is about reducing the consumption of fat and calories that a meal can contain. In this way, it is cooked only with air and heat, plus to food, to reduce these substances, the excess of which can cause health problems.

Dietitian and clinical nutritionist Sonia Peinado wrote on the website of the European Institute of Obesity Medicine (Imeo): “Air fryers retain at least 70% of the fat we need in regular fryers. However, the use of these ‘new’ little appliances does not guarantee adherence to a healthy diet or eating, as often the consumer will seek processed items such as chips, croquettes, meatballs, etc.” .

When it comes to benefits, you don’t need to be an expert to cook your own meals. It can be prepared in the specified time thanks to the placement of all ingredients on the device tray.

Simon Hoban, producer of BBC’s ‘Sliced ​​Bread’, talked about the time it takes to prepare chicken legs in a deep fryer compared to a conventional oven: “The chicken took about 35 minutes to cook in the oven, and the fryer took 20 minutes.”

“It took a lot less time to cook in the deep fryer than usual,” Hoban said on the show.

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No matter what model you have, It is very easy to clean as it does not splash. With a little water and paper, this tool is ready to go with ease.

Although it is not exempt from this or that inconvenience, it has wonderful features that make it a ‘champion’ in the world of gastronomy.

Overheating and large airflow caused by the use of the fryer can cause food to dry out more than it should and even that they were overcooked.

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One of the most discussed disadvantages among users of this small oven is that you cannot cook many dishes at once for a family meal, so you have to do each dish you want to prepare in turn.

Depending on the fryer’s model, power characteristics, and the temperature it uses, energy expenditure starts to change.

Biochemical engineer Ángel Pérez wrote on the ‘Robotina’ web portal about the cost of electricity caused by this device: “They consume about 1,450 watts depending on size. While conventional ovens can run up to 1,000 or 5,000 watts, a good capacity air fryer is more suitable”.

So these machines are created to not waste as much energy as is usual with some other older or more traditional appliances.

Since the success of the air fryer, different brands have tried to innovate by adding new functions and features that make it easier or expand its use.

You can get one of these fryers for 120,000 Colombian pesos. classic with a capacity of one to two liters and a temperature of 80 to 200 degrees Celsius.

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If you want one of these most complete appliances with multiple compartments, maximum capacity and different functions for preparing any kind of food, From 700,000 to five million Colombians will have to invest in pesos.

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