Social network Snapchat It is not an application where you can only take photos and videos with all kinds of filters and publish them on your profile for 24 hours. Additionally, on the Explore page, you’ve updated the news to keep up to date with what’s going on around you.

The problem is that there are still many users who are not aware of this, and to make publishing easier, the social network has added a new function called “Dynamic Stories”.

they are new Dynamic Stories Snapchat offers their work by syncing it with content from local media outlets, and every time one of them posts a new story, Discover will instantly show it to other users. According to Snapchat, “Dynamic Stories help Snapchat users get to know the world as it is.”

How Snapchat Dynamic Stories Work

But for now, even if you see a video on the web version of an article, it won’t appear in Snapchat’s Dynamic Stories. And this videos are not included for nowbut it’s expected that the app won’t try to include them anytime soon.

The new Dynamic Stories are “updated in real time,” according to Snapchat. every time you see a news item, you know it’s a current event. And, as the social network explains, the stories come from media publishers and verified creators.

Here are some names of media publishers that have already been verified for you to be aware of:

  • In the United States these are: Axios, Bloomberg, Buzzfeed, CNN, Complex Networks, Cond√© Nast (Self, Vogue), ESPN, Insider, New York Post, Bottom of Page, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, TMZ, Tom’s Guide , Assistant .
  • In France there are: British Vogue, GQ UK, PinkNews, The Independent, The Mirror.
  • In the UK: Femme Actuelle, Foot Mercato, Gala, GQ France, Le Figaro, Marie Claire FR, Paris Match, Vogue France.
  • In India these are: GQ India, MissMalini, Pinkvilla, Sportskeeda, The Quint, Times Now, Vogue India.

thanks to new Snapchat Dynamic Stories, social network users will have great access to the latest news. Also, this new feature will offer some extra benefits to both the app and its users.

And not long ago Posting news on Snapchat was not an easy task, and the editors had a hard time keeping their news up to date. However, since Dynamic Stories are published, this process is somewhat automated, so editors won’t have to worry about posting and editing content on Snapchat again.

That’s not all, now it will be much easier for publishers to post the latest news through Snapchat’s new Dynamic Stories, among which ads will run and some of the profits they make will be part of the revenue. go directly to publishers.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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