popular music singer, Jhonny Rivera saves a horse with an injured leg on August 17and within days he’s keeping his followers informed about what’s going on with the animal’s health.


Rivera said he found the horse on his way to a concert in Bolivar, Cauca, on his Instagram account.

Seeing the creature’s condition, he called its owner to ask if he could buy it, but the subject made sure to give it to him to help him,s the surgery you need is quite expensive.

In his latest video, the artist said that Valentino’s surgery, called a horse, was quite risky and required a long recovery period.

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Rivera said he had spoken to the doctor in charge of the procedure and told him that “it was an operation that took more than six hours” and that “the bone had to be broken completely and some plates had to be placed.” Healing takes time, she said. like cheap, he was in the hospital for a month.

It is an operation with a high risk of death,” he said.

The singer said that due to the fact that the surgery is quite expensive, They try to “knock on the door” at a university in Medellin that it has all the capabilities to carry out the operation so that “costs can be reduced” and performed in the best possible way.

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for your shareRivera’s followers congratulated him for his work and for helping Valentino.. Some even indicated that they could contribute a little if needed.

Let’s face it, I want to see Valentino happy and healthy with the full life they’ve denied in the past, both deserve many blessings. Valentino is not only yours but also one of all your followers,” wrote one internet user.


Source: Exame

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