againstThe Chinese multinational mobile phone maker has taken another interesting step by making the official presentation for Mexico and Latin America. reindeer 7 seriesPromising to be one of the favorites of the region users with its price and quality.

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Among the features that highlight the innovation Oppo Reno 7 to be equipped with a lens microscopic enabling the detailing of small objects with high resolution and detail.It also has a triple camera with IA technology (Inspiration Ahead), 64MP and 2MP depth.

The aforementioned sensor reduces the noise of the photos and allows it to capture 60 percent more light than a standard sensor.

So if you already own one of these phones, we’re bringing you a few. tips this might work for you Take full advantage of the new technology in photography brought by the Oppo Reno 7.

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With this modality you will be able to create photos with a great level of detail. With a lens that can zoom up to 30x, so you can take high-quality photos of skin pores or distinguishing features on plant leaves. Note that this has a light ring for greater visibility.

The front camera has a resolution of 32 MP working with the sensor. Developed jointly by OPPO and Sony, the IMX709 is It allows you to take extraordinary photos in light-deprived areas.

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The device with a 4,500 mAh battery and 33W fast charging technology, configuration that allows one hundred percent charge in just one hour, so in an emergency only a few minutes of connection will be enough so that you can fully enjoy the mobile phone.

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