TikTok could be hacked and they guarantee that they steal the platform’s source code. This is revealed by a group of hackers called ‘West Again’ This spawned a thread on a forum stating that both this social network and WeChat were hacked, showing screenshots of the entire database.

Again, the company has always denied this and it seems that some of the data stolen due to this hack was leaked to the internet.

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Cybercriminals steal the server 2,000 million records in a database of about 800 GB.

It is special that the information includes the username, as well as the statistics of the platform, passwords, including the code. software, cookie, tokens much more authentication among other sensitive data.

Data on payments made on the platform has also been leaked, which triggers alarms if users make a mistake. Payment information saved in TikTok app.

According to the Central Radar Zone, the pirates Against the WestAttack targets that may be hostile to Western interests, such as Chinese or Russian companies among other Eastern countries.

However, they can target companies to breach security. Korea North, Belarus or Iran at one point.

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Source: Exame

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