Plant “Mikron”, Zelenograd

The Mikron plant, located in Zelenograd, is one of the few domestic enterprises that make up one of the largest population groups.

In order to increase the significant consumption of microchips to increase Mikron, it was decided to use the plant’s capacity twice, for which the enterprise will be allocated 7 billion rubles for a period of ten years on the security of factory equipment.

However, many benefit from the fact that the amount of 7 million rubles is very little to capture the development of an enterprise of this profile, since, by increasing the increase in capacity, the plant needs to actively master new and advanced technologies.

Plant Plant “Mikron”, Zelenograd

Also, the shortage of qualified personnel has increased, wages have declined in the industry, and the fact that the volume of chip production is far from the only problem of the Russian semiconductor industry.

As you know, Mikron produces microchips with technological standards from 180 to 90 nm, which is enough for the production of chips for IoT devices, often cards and a number of other electronics. At the same time, the plant became almost the only line VPK.

Source: Tech Cult

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