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Owlotech Brussels, an office chair that will take care of your posture and health during long days of remote work.


Owlotech model in Brussels characterized by the fact that dimmable to fit our height and posture and be built into breathable and very durable materials.

To adjust the height, it has a “butterfly” locking system: after adjusting according to our needs, the chair securely locked and remains at the desired height without change.

Both armrest How headrest they are dimmable. In the case of the armrests, you can change their height, and the headrest allows you to change the height and inclination (up to 45º), which is a very important detail. difference in working hours.

This ability to adapt is a key value of the product included in the PcComponentes Back to School 2022 promotion, which allows you to purchase it for 149.99 euros until September 18th.

Office chair Owlotech Brussels

The comfort provided by this chair is due not only to its adaptation to our posture. Also reduces heat buildup on the back and seat thanks to the breathable mesh material, which largely prevents sweating due to lack of ventilation.

The Brussels chair is like that too light which strong. Light weight and wheels on legs make it easy to move it, and durable materials can withstand the weight of a person without wear.

Assembly is done in a few steps and is very simple.and the box contains all the necessary tools. Thus, having the perfect chair for work at home, taking care of your posture and health, is as easy as ordering it from PcComponentes and getting it quickly without shipping costs.

Source: Computer Hoy

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