since your arrival Pandemic, the digital field has become more important in the world. Many companies have had to adapt their operations, making working from home, remotely or hybrid easier.

Even so, the crisis caused by the coronavirus has caused many households’ incomes to decline, forcing people to seek new economic outlets. Having a few jobs and supposed scams have been some of the alternatives, but if you prefer the quick, easy and biosafe way, there are some options as well. apps to earn money.

Get to know some of the tools that can help you here. economy. Of course, depending on the services offered, the apps will request something like registration through the use of personal data.

Also, remember that this is about making extra money by taking advantage of it. free time, So these are not official affairs. Of course, you will not become rich either, but they can help you save, for example.


It specializes in market analysis and the reason for its name is that it is solely dedicated to helping its users make money.

Depending on your device and specific prompts, you may be able to log in and perform certain types of tasks; Additionally, one of the key points of the app is its feedback on the experience.

As usual, Money App Pay via PayPal account.

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will let you win monetary rewards answers surveys. Of course, you will have to subscribe and provide the information that the developers need.

The payment method of the application is generally directed to bonuses on the technology giant’s virtual store Google Play.

This application, which functions the same as an advertising agency, becomes a conduit between a photographer and specialist agencies.

Depending on the quality of the image – sometimes with the help of the ‘smartphone’ type – the photographer will be able to put it up for auction, based on an agreement with the online community, as users will Photograph.

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It works like a big ad window: Ads appear on your screen when your phone is locked. You can access it if you wish.

In this way? Simple: You are paid to host ads for other specific sites agreed with the app.

The payment is virtual and according to ‘La República’ from Peru, you need to wait about three months to get the first benefits.

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take people answer surveys Y offer your feedback against the use of digital products or services. By pre-registration, users attack survey will be open to transportation-interaction to benefit after analysis of answers by each company.

According to the special pages, those who want to earn extra money in this way need to be aware of cell phone notifications, because surveys come immediately and there is a certain time limit to be answered.

This is a great health food store for ‘influencers’.

The app aims to create a community dedicated to beauty, body and home care. Musely, a online store to offer products for sale.

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A great ‘online’ bookstore: it allows you to buy and sell used books.

After signing up, you will be able to publish the texts you have for sale and depending on the price another user of the app will be able to buy it.

While it’s not a ‘exclusive’ app for making money without much effort, connecting to a large global network of booksellers is useful.

This app pays after registration. The user will be required to play games, watch videos, answer surveys and provide other services related to external products and services.

This is a new app that counts steps and monitor physical activities. It also converts walking achievements into currency that can be spent on gadgets, sports and fitness equipment, services and experiences.

It will start counting vehicles and steps. The app has a maximum limit and only 9.5 sweatcoins, which is equivalent to about 10,000 steps.

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