The International Chess Federation (FIDE) announced that an investigation has been charge of a panel of three experts, on the controversy caused by world champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway’s accusations against American Hans Niemann as a result of his win in the last Sinquefield Cup in San Luis. (EE. USA).

The Fide Fair Game Commission, chaired by Lithuanian Salomeja Zaksaite, decided to act ex officio in the case that was or came to the agenda.Great controversy in the chess world after Carlsen’s decisionsHe withdrew from the USA tournament after facing Niemann in the third round and later resigned from the game against the American in two moves in the Julius Baer online tournament.

Everything was blurred further by the striking theory put forward by Elon Musk and supported by the press: the allegation that anal Chinese balls were used.

(See: Chinese anal balls: this is how the dark trap that scandalizes chess works)

On the official website of Fide, it has been announced that the committee to investigate the issue will consist of three people and that they can seek opinions from other experts if they deem it necessary.

The investigation will deal with Carlsen’s published allegations of Niemann’s alleged cheating and his confession of cheating on internet games, but not in face-to-face games on the board.

Fair Play Commission, “for the benefit of the chess community”, “The speculation about possible sanctions ends until all data are evaluated and the investigation is concluded”Zaksaite commented.

Carlsen said on Monday that Niemann “has cheated more – and more recently – than he has publicly admitted.”


Chinese balls are a device that works to increase the muscle tone of the pelvic floor. It can also be used as a sex toy.

In chess it would be used to convey the moves a player had to make from the vibrations of the device, according to the impact theory.

“The mechanism of the cheat would be simple: an accomplice watching the match live (as originally posted), can simulate real game on a computer and see its movements. It can then, through vibrations, “warn” the so-called cheater of what the suggested moves will be. Anal beads can easily pass any security check.”The Spanish portal explains ‘La Razón’.

*with EFE

Source: Exame

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