HE twitter Released two new features To develop experience with videos inside the platform. The immersed view allows you to expand the content to the full screen, Discover tab shows tweets and trends may be of interest to users. In practice, the tools are very Similar to TikTok.

The immersive media viewer can be activated with a single tap or click on the video. When the content is in full screen mode, the user can browse new audiovisual stories by swiping up on the image. To return to the original tweet, simply click or tap the arrow in the upper left corner.

news still will not be available to all users. According to Twitter, the preview feature will be available in the coming days. only for English profiles using iOS devices. In addition to iPhone and iPad users, The video carousel is also available on Android.

Competition between social networks

(Source: Twitter/Disclosure)

TikTok features were also copied by Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Shorts. However, the Chinese platform also follows the innovations of its competitors. The dance social network has launched a feature that encourages users to produce one photo or video per day to share with friends – basically the main slogan of newcomer BeReal.

Meta’s Facebook remains the segment leader with around 3 billion monthly users, followed by Alphabet’s YouTube with over 2 billion active profiles. Instagram and TikTok, both with more than one billion users, round out the ranking of the world’s largest social networks.

Source: Tec Mundo

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