Today a Russian court approved the social network TikTok 3 million rubles (50,834 dollars or 51,502 euros) according to the official TASS agency, for not eliminating LGBT “propaganda”.

Social network found guilty administrative violation Taganski district court in Moscow said because the platform “did not remove the owner’s information”.

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According to TASS, this is due to the Administrative Code violation protocol by TikTok prepared by Roskomnadzor, the agency responsible for moderating the media. For “promoting” the LGBT movement, “radical feminism” and “a distorted view of traditional sexual relations”.

According to the lawsuit, the social network posted on February 10 a video where the author talks about teaching English through sex, and according to the Russian argument, “It creates a distorted view of nontraditional sexual relations.”

Since 2021, TikTok has been fined 11 million rubles ($ 186,555 or € 189,243) for not removing information prohibited by Russian law.

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Source: Exame

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